Nordex Waste Management

It is an innovative commercial eco-project for Bulgaria , which performs ecological engineering and universal waste management generated by the separated installations of the regional centers for household waste management in the cities of Haskovo, Smolyan and Sevlievo.
Nordex Waste Management is a structural unit, an internal company trade division legally represented on the Bulgarian market by NADEZH Ltd. As part of our union are also the companies Eco Titan Group AD, Eco Tradex Group AD, Neo-Titan Ltd., Global Cleaner Ltd. and Cleaner Ltd.


NADEZH Ltd. is a Bulgarian private company established in 2008. Our main activity is collection, transportation, pre-treatment, recycling, recovery and wholesale and retail of all types - non-metallic waste, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood waste, glass, hazardous industrial and biohazardous waste, household waste and RDF fuel, sludge from wastewater treatment plants, etc. We also produce and trade in grinders from mass and technical plastics, as well as in primary and secondary PVC compounds. The company operates actively throughout the country and has several main bases and its own collection structures in the districts of Haskovo, Kardzhali, Smolyan and Gabrovo. Over the years we have expanded our material and technical base, we have optimized the production capacity with the introduction of new recycling technologies meeting the highest world standards. Our company offers individual solutions in waste management and develops specialized services for different types of sites. Our priority is to guarantee the best level of service to our customers, building and maintaining long-term relationships based on the principles of fair and loyal partnership. We achieve maximum efficiency in our work due to the qualification and professionalism of our employees. Our constant pursuit for development, staff training, the perseverance and dedication of our team are a factor in fulfilling the tasks that the company has set as a goal.
Today we are the fastest growing and one of the leading companies in the field of separation, processing and trade in recyclable raw materials. Over the years, more than 200 companies have placed their confidence in our waste management experience generated as a result of their production and trade!



Nordex Waste Management operates on production, landfill and retail sites located on a total of 357000 square meters. The sites have a servicing building stock (workshops, halls, administrative buildings, service workshops, etc.), as well as specialized equipment for quality and precise processing and sorting of the received waste materials, separate sites and premises for storage of the received raw materials. The separation plants are equipped and meet the requirements of the highest European standards of efficiency and appropriateness.

Regional Center for Waste Management, Haskovo

Nordex Waste Management - Regional Center for Non-Hazardous Waste Treatment / Haskovo-Operator "Eco-Titan Group" ltd. The landfill is located on the land of the village of Garvanovo and has an area of ​​228896 sq.m. and a builded area of ​​7614 square meters, successfully managing household waste in the municipalities of Haskovo, Dimitrovgrad and Mineralni Bani. The capacity of the waste processing facilities is almost 60,000 tons per year / about 5,000 tons per month /. We dare to say that our precise work at this site is a benchmark for a world-class waste management system. This is the only industry in Bulgaria, which sorts over 25 types of polymer waste from mass and technical plastics and sells them as raw materials for recycling. The landfill is one of the largest RDF fuel producers in Bulgaria, supplying part of the energy needs of a number of industrial enterprises in the country. A fine soil fraction is mechanically separated from the household waste processing. Such is used for composting, soiling and reclamation of parks and gardens on the Haskovo’s District territory.

Regional Center for Waste Management, Sevlievo

Nordex Waste Management - Installation for treatment of non-hazardous household waste - Sevlievo - Operator "Eco Titan Group" AD. The site is located in Sevlievo, address: 185 Lovnidolsko Shosse Str., Directly opposite the RWD / Regional Waste Depot / and is operating on an area of ​​5283 sq.m. with builded area of ​​1262, 7 sq.m. It was built as part of the national waste management system in 2017 and is equipped with a sorting installation, waste baling press PAM Super-40 and has an electronic weighbridge with capacity of 60 tons. The installation is responsible for collection, temporary storage and pre-treatment, sorting of household waste from the municipalities of Sevlievo, Dryanovo and Suhindol. The capacity of the waste processing is 25,000 tons per year or about 2,100 tons per month. There is a collaboration system for separate collection at the Municipality of Sevlievo between "Neo Titan" Ltd. as a waste collection and waste removal unit and "Eco Titan Group" AD, as an operator of the separation plant.

Regional Center for Waste Management, Smolyan

Nordex Waste Management - Regional Center for Solid Household Waste - Smolyan - Operator "Eco Titan Group" AD. The address of the site is Smolyan, on the road towards Mugla village, in the area of "Teklen dol" and is operating on an area of ​​120,000 square meters with builded area of ​​2750 sq.m. It was built as part of the Regional Waste Management System in 2016 and is equipped with a sorting installation system, baling press PAM Super-75 and has an electronic weighing scale with capacity of 50 tons. The site is responsible for collection, temporary storage and pre-treatment, sorting of household waste from the municipalities of Smolyan, Chepelare and Banite. The capacity of the waste processing is 35,000 tons per year or about 2900 tons per month. This is one of the highest depots on the entire Balkan Peninsula, located 1600 meters above sea level in the heart of the Rhodope mountain.

Waste Management Center, Kardzhali

Nordex Waste Management - Central Office, Kardzhali - Operator "Nadezh" Ltd. The address of the site is Kardzhali, Industrial Zone - ‘’Garata’’ - UPI X6176, serial number 40909.121.31 with an area of 3188 sq.m. This site has been established as a serving center working with enterprises, retail chains, state, municipal and private institutions, non-governmental organizations and individuals. It purchases waste and secondary raw materials. Here we are responsible for collection, temporary storage and pre-treatment, sorting, baling and pre-procedures for recovery of waste with diverse nature - from household to hazardous waste and RDF fuel. The capacity of the waste processing is 12,000 tons per year or about 1,000 tons per month. Here are our installations for recycling of Polyethylene films - LLDPE, LDPE and HDPE and waste plastics - PP, HDPE and others. Our lines have a processing capacity of 2400 tons per year.

Logistics and service center, "Eco Tradex Group", Haskovo

Nordex Waste Management - Logistics and Service Center - Haskovo - Operator "Eco Tradex Group" AD. The company is solely responsible for our entire logistics activities. The transport covers regular domestic courses servicing small and large sites of our customers, as well as international transportation that supplies with recyclable raw materials installations and plants for waste processing abroad. We have extremely well-equipped and impeccably maintained vehicles- from buses and trucks to specialized garbage collection equipment and multilift containers, from small lifting equipment - to construction machinery - dump trucks, cranes and more. The company also maintains road, residential and industrial construction and complete infrastructure repairs and maintenance.

Garbage collection center, "Global Cleaner", Haskovo

Nordex Waste Management - "Global Cleaner" Ltd. - Haskovo. The site specializes in garbage collection and snowplowing (in the winter season) in a number of municipalities in the country, including Balchik (in Dobrich District), Gorna Oryahovitsa, Dolna Oryahovitsa, Strazhitsa and Elena (in Veliko Tarnovo District), Djebel and Chernoochene (in Kardzhali District) and Chepelare (in Smolyan District). Global Cleaner Ltd. has its own garbage collection equipment, specialized containers for solid household waste - type "Beavers" - 1, 1 cubic meters, as well as service offices for maintenance and repair.

Garbage collection center, "Cleaner", Kardzhali

Nordex Waste Management - "Cleaner" Ltd. - Kardzhali. The company specializes in garbage collection, garbage removal, snowplowing (in the winter season), landscaping and maintenance of green areas in the Municipality of Smolyan and in the Municipality of Kardzhali . ‘’Cleaner’’ Ltd. has its own garbage collection equipment and specialized mechanization maintaining the company's activities, as well as designated areas for maintenance and repair.

Garbage collection center, "Neo Titan", Dimitrovgrad

Nordex Waste Management - "Neo Titan" Ltd. - Dimitrovgrad. The company specializes in garbage collection, separate collection of packaging waste, cleaning of public areas, washing and sweeping of public areas, landscaping and maintenance of parks and gardens in the municipalities of Sevlievo (in Gabrovo District), Dimitrovgrad (in Haskovo District) and Elhovo (in Yambol District). "Neo Titan" Ltd. has its own garbage collection equipment and specialized machinery which serves the company's activities. The site has also designated areas for maintenance and repair and its own greenery for decorative plants.


  • To be recognized as a preferred and trusted partner as a result of the services we offer;
  • To be innovators in providing our products and services;
  • To provide optimal and timely solutions for the specific needs of each of our clients;
  • To make useful world practices in waste management available, through cooperation with leading companies around the world;
  • To develop and take to a new higher level waste management in Bulgaria;
  • To be ambassadors in environmental protection and waste management;
  • To share our experience and knowledge through training programs for talented and young people;

We organize a number of eco initiatives and educational seminars on environmental protection and energy resources. We support ecological productions built appropriately and emitting low hydrocarbon emissions into the environment.
We are proud that with our work we give our personal example and public contribution to the conservation of our planet’s resources.
Our success is measured both by the satisfaction of our customers and partners and by the high performance criteria.


We are responsible to our customers, partners and employees, respecting the commitments, achieving the set results and striving for the highest quality in our work. We have found that in order to achieve a successful partnership, it is important that our values and aspirations coincide with those of our clients. They are the fundamental basis for everything we do:

    We know, understand and meet the needs of our customers and partners. Our commitment to the best practices ensures the continuous provision of quality service.
    Consistent and with high standards in everything we do. We pay special attention to our reputation in order to be a reliable and honest partner.
    We encourage change and look for the opportunities it offers. We systematically evaluate and rediscover the services we offer to ensure the high quality of our customers and partners, using the best practices and the latest technologies in our work.
    We set high standards and expect only the best from ourselves. We grow through constant improvements and are proud of the high quality of our services.
    We guarantee the highest standards of safety, health and quality of the environment in which we work.
    The quality of our employees has a direct impact on our strength, reputation and vitality. We appreciate the contribution and capabilities of the people we work with.


The activity of Nadezh Ltd. is carried out in accordance with the requirements of RIEW / Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water / to the MoEW / Ministry of Environment and Water /, and for this purpose the company has issued all necessary permits under the WMA / Law on Waste Management /.


2015 - The largest trader in Bulgaria of waste from PET-Polyethylene Terephthalate bottles - / in terms of purchased and obtained from its own plants for separation of waste PET material from bottles-with a total annual volume of over 9600 tons submitted for recycling / - Absolute national record, unsurpassed to this day.
2016 - The fastest growing company in the field of waste trade - / in terms of investment, construction of commercial structures and management methods /
2017 - The most complex trader of non-metal waste in Bulgaria - / in terms of trade with the widest range and types of non-metal waste /.
2018 - The most reliable waste trader in Bulgaria - / in terms of commercial transactions with waste in accordance with agreements and fulfilled commitments to customers and suppliers /.
2018 - The largest RDF / Refuse Derived Fuel / producer in Bulgaria - / in terms of solid fuel from waste obtained from separation - with a total annual volume of over 53,000 tons./
2019 - The most flexible structure for waste trade in Bulgaria - / in terms of overall management of the company NADEZH Ltd /.
2019 - The most innovative ecological project in Bulgaria - / regarding a practical solution for utilization of sludge from treatment plants and their transformation into RDF fuel composite fraction /


IVAN MINEV - General manager of Nordex Waste Management.