What is our sentia tile

Because technology allows us complete freedom of imagination, without limitation in form and detail, we created Sentia.  It is shaped like a puzzle to lock the elements together, making the compounds stable, similar to the chemical bonds in a molecule.  The difference in the locking elements eliminates the possibility of a stacking error.  So they can only be arranged correctly.  The wide board creates enough contact surface between the tiles and the cavity at the bottom allows the sand base to 'block' them.  In order not to slip when walking, we made a grab bar on 3 vertical levels.  It depicts a DNA helix that forms when you join several elements together and continues to infinity, just like its evolution.  What is life without art and music?  In the spiral is a passage from Beethoven's 4th symphony.  Next to it you will see another spiral - Leonardo's Fibonacci spiral, together with the mathematical formula of the golden ratio.  The spiral of the shell of snails, rapans, cones, cyclones, even our galaxy - the Milky Way - are subject to it.  It is represented by a binary code of 0s and 1s—the fundamental machine language through which computers communicate.  Naturally, we can't help but add Einstein, who changed our views on the world around us.

Because our tile is created entirely from slow-degrading waste, plastic bags, discarded glass and other hard-to-degrade materials.  It claims to be eternal.  The Latin saying 'words fly away, what is written remains'

perfectly complement the message of the distant future and probably other civilizations like the rock paintings today.  Who knows?  That's why we called her Sentia, translated from Latin - Science